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This is a full transcript of the miscellaneous dialogue from Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. It has been adapted directly from extracted audio in the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows releases of the game.

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain's miscellaneous dialogue consists of texts included in the game, but which cannot necessarily be attributed to a given chapter in the story. Lines are narrated by Kain (played by Simon Templeman), unless otherwise noted. Also presented here is alternative dialogue – some lines contain some more detail in the Microsoft Windows port than they do in the original PlayStation version. While the PlayStation release takes precedence in the Legacy of Kain Wiki's general transcript, both the typical and alternative recordings of the lines displayed here are deemed canonical.

Omitted and featuring on separate pages are the general transcript (covering most of the game's dialogue), and deleted/cut dialogue.


Locations: Blood fountains

[As Kain first enters the cave, the fountain of blood beckons him:]
Blood Fountain: The Blood of Ages flows so sweet... come drink from us.
[Each fountain bestows a different power:]
Blood Fountain: Your strength has increased for our blood enhances.
Blood Fountain: Your magic energy recovers more quickly for our blood enhances.
Blood Fountain: The snow will do you no harm for our blood preserves.
Blood Fountain: The rain will do you no harm for our blood preserves.
[If Kain drinks from a fountain a second time:]
Blood Fountain: Do not be greedy, vampire. You have had your fill.

Locations: Spirit forges

[Kain comes across the first of many Spirit Forges:]
Kain (V. O.): One must be wary in dealing with the Spirit Forges. The wraiths and shades that inhabit them offer items beyond mortal dreams, in exchange for a sampling of your blood.
The Wraith Smiths forge their items with forfeit souls.
[As Kain enters...]
Wraith Smith: Shed your blood for me, and these artifacts will be yours.
[...and approaches the sacrificial font:]
Wraith Smith: So, you come to the Spirit Forge for help, do you, vampire? Trade you secrets for the blood of the dead, I will...

Inventory: Spells

[Kain narrates his spells' names:]
Kain: Inspire Hate.
Kain: Stun.
Kain: Spirit Wrack.
Kain: Blood Gout.
Kain: Blood Shower.
Kain: Spirit Death.
Kain: Light.
Kain: Lightning.
Kain: Repel.
Kain: Energy Bolt.
Kain: Incapacitate.
Kain: Control Mind.
Kain: Sanctuary.
[Kain describes his spells:]
Inspire Hate: This spell allows me to exploit the petty prejudices of man. Minor grievance would escalate to murderous rage and oh, the sweet terror when the spell wore off and they saw their hands covered with their neighbor's blood.
Stun: The human mind is a fragile thing. One minor shock, properly timed, can render them catatonic and ripe for feeding.
Spirit Wrack: With this spell I can tear a creature's soul from its body, leaving its vacant flesh mine to control!
Blood Gout: This spell allows me to use blood from my own body as a weapon. When struck, my enemies' blood would flow from their bodies to fill me with life. 'Tis a risk, yet the rewards are a temptation.
Blood Shower: Oh, to bathe in the blood of others! This spell is especially useful in the face of multiple combatants. Beware those with tainted blood.
Spirit Death: 'Tis a spell worthy of the Necromancer himself. This allows me to dissect a creature's soul from its vessel of flesh. For these poor wretches, only oblivion awaits.
Light: While it is true that natural light weakens a vampire, magical light can have many uses indeed.
Lightning: With this spell I can call upon the heavens to tear my enemies apart with its explosive power. Oh, how their bodies will rupture as the scything energy rips through them!
Repel: Invoking this spell cloaks me under a protective aegis. Whatever spell is cast at me will be reflected back at the caster, leaving me unharmed. It will only last for a short time, however, before leaving me vulnerable once more.
Energy Bolt: The energy bolt employs magical force in its rawest form... a messy spell, but a potent one nonetheless.
Incapacitate: Through this magic, I can stop my enemies in their tracks. Frozen in time, they can do nothing to hinder their own doom. Sometimes, I draw out their fate, for the added fear sweetens their blood.
Control Mind: This spell allows me to enslave my enemies, giving me control of their bodies. When I release my grip, their bodies will shrivel and die, as I displace their souls, and replace them with my own.
Sanctuary: The Sanctuary spell enables me to travel to my crypt, where the soil of my grave provides me respite. I often resort to this when I am weak and need nourishment.

Inventory: Battle artifacts

[Kain narrates his battle artifacts' names:]
Kain: Flay.
Kain: The Pentaliche of Tarot.
Kain: Implode.
Kain: Font of Putrescence.
Kain: Energy Bank.
Kain: The Heart of Darkness.
Kain: Anti-Toxin.
Kain: Slow Time.
[Kain describes his battle artifacts:]
Flay: These curious devices hurl bolts of whirling energy and eviscerate my human enemies by stripping ragged flesh from bloodstained bone.
Pentaliche of Tarot: A medley of death and evisceration. Let fate choose my enemy's demise.
Implode: Of all the methods I employ, this is perhaps the cruelest, causing my victim's body to shrink on itself, crushing bones and rupturing organs 'til the pressure inside bursts the sac of fleshy skin, spraying its contents for all to see.
Font of Putrescence: Should this object strike an enemy, rot and decay would instantly eat their flesh, and leave only a pool of blood and tissue. For a time after, the toxins are still active, and therefore lethal to the touch.
Energy Bank: When conjured, the Energy Bank permits me access to mass amounts of magical energy for a brief period of time. However, when the moment passes, I will be drained of all magic, unable to cast even the simplest of spells.
Heart of Darkness: Reputed to have been ripped from the chest of the greatest vampire to have ever existed, Janos Audron, the Heart of Darkness restores vampiric unlife. Life is precious, Janos discovered – as it was torn throbbing and bleeding from his own body.
Anti-Toxin: This cleanses my body of any dangerous poisons. Quite useful, with all the filth I find myself surrounded by.
Slow Time: At times, my magic extends into very exotic disciplines such as the manipulation of time. I am able to slow time down, so I can move about quick as a wolf, while all others move as though they were mired in mud!

Inventory: Quest items

[Kain narrates his quest items' names:]
Kain: Moebius's Hourglass.
Kain: DeJoule's Insulating Cloak.
Kain: Elzevir's Doll.
Kain: Malek's Helmet.
Kain: Azimuth's Eye.
Kain: Mortanius's Death Orb.
Kain: Nupraptor's Head.
Kain: Bane's Antler Headdress.
Kain: Vorador's Signet Ring.
Kain: Time-Streaming Device.
Kain: Anarcrothe's Alchemical Scales.
[Kain describes his quest items:]
Moebius's Hourglass: The Hourglass of Moebius allowed him to sift through the sands of time, giving him dominion over past and future.
DeJoule's Insulating Cloak: The cloak of DeJoule is fashioned from a strange substance, dense yet pliant. It served to both gather and shield the sorceress from the forces of energy she commanded.
Dollmaker's Doll: Strange that such a tiny thing – a shred of burlap and silk with a single lock of hair nailed to it – could bring a kingdom to its knees. Small things frequently have enormous consequences.
Malek's Helmet: Malek's helmet, crowned with a plume of braided hair, torn from the scalps of his victims.
Azimuth's Eye: Azimuth's Third Eye was a gift from the Pillar of Dimension, and allowed her vision into other planes.
Mortanius's Death Orb: As I touched its surface, calm filled me. Gone was the hunger, the rage that would entice, and only the sweet dark serenity of death remained.
Nupraptor's Head: Alas, poor Nupraptor – I knew him well. Well, not really.
Bane's Antler Headdress: The antler headdress had sustained some damage during battle – dark cracks sullied the ivory bone.
Vorador's Signet Ring: Turning the ring over in my hands, I realized that it was crafted from some strange alloy formed from broken teeth – ground down and soaked in blood.
Time-streaming devices: Strange runes litter its metallic surface. 'Tis with caution that I carry this mysterious device.
Anarcrothe's Scales: The scales of Anarcrothe, used to measure out unholy substances in alchemy.

Inventory: Weapons

[Kain narrates his weapons' names:]
Kain: Iron Sword.
Kain: Spiked Mace.
Kain: The Axes.
Kain: Flame Sword.
Kain: The Soul Reaver.
[Kain describes his weapons:]
Iron Sword: Forged by the Serioli, the legendary weapon masters of Nosgoth, this blade will serve me well, in life and beyond.
Spiked Mace: The mace is amongst my most useful of weapons, for it merely stuns my victims, allowing me ample time to feed.
Axes: Havoc and Malice, their presence in my hands keeps me from employing magic, yet rest assured they do little to hamper my relish for slaughter.
Flame Sword: The sword ravages flesh with teeth of metal and flame, leaving only scorched remains.
Soul Reaver: Time fades even legend, and the origin of Soul Reaver has been lost long ago. But its purpose remains – to feed on the souls of any creature it strikes. Kindred, this blade and I.

Inventory: Armor

[Kain narrates his armors' names:]
Kain: Iron Armor.
Kain: Bone Armor.
Kain: Chaos Armor.
Kain: Flesh Armor.
Kain: Wraith Armor.
[Kain describes his armor:]
Iron Armor: As it was borne from hellfire, forged by the Necromancer's magic, my armor resists fire and provides me with strong defense.
Bone Armor: Lower forms of undead fall swiftly to deception. With the Bone Armor, they are not as eager to challenge me.
Chaos Armor: My enemies are quite vicious and the Chaos Armor extracts from them a heavy price for their bloodlust. The blows are meant for me, but it is their bodies that carry the wounds.
Flesh Armor: How convenient. This armor, wrought with the blood of noblemen, drains the blood from my enemies for me, leaving me to focus on the slaughter at hand.
Wraith Armor: This armor was spawned in the most impure of spirit forges; tempered from the seething agony of tortured souls. The metal exists only partially in the human realm, causing it to fade between tangible and ethereal states.

Inventory: Forms

[Kain describes his forms:]
Bat Form: In bat form, I can travel great distances with ease. From my vantage in the heavens, no region of Nosgoth is forbidden to me.
Wolf Form: My lupine form enables me to move like lightning and leap over obstacles barring my path. But the guise of the wolf brings with it its own kind of hunger and rage.
Disguise Form: There are benefits to traveling beneath a human guise. The threat to my person is lessened and much information can be gleaned. However, the illusion is flimsy, and any act of aggression on my part can break the spell.
Mist Form: When in mist form, I am invulnerable to physical weapons, blade and claw! I can seep through locked doors and cracks and move swiftly, like a shadow fleeing light.
Beguile: Unlike the Mask of Disguise, this spell actually allows me to cast away the guise of death for a time, allowing me to walk among the living undisturbed. The spell also provides a visage of nobility, for there are many who would easily divulge more to those of highborn blood.

Miscellanea: Alternative dialogue

Kain (V. O.): The Pillar of the Mind, protected by the Mentalist, Nupraptor.
Kain (V. O.): The Pillar of Death, protected by the Necromancer, Mortanius.
Kain (V. O.): The Pillar of Nature, protected by the Druid, Bane.
Kain (V. O.): The Pillar of Energy, protected by the Energist, DeJoule.
Kain (V. O.): The Pillar of Conflict, protected by the Paladin, Malek.
Kain (V. O.): The Pillar of Dimension, protected by the Planer, Azimuth.
Kain (V. O.): The Pillar of Time, protected by the Time Streamer, Moebius.
Kain (V. O.): The Pillar of States, protected by the Alchemist, Anarcrothe.
Wraith Smith: Shed your blood for me, and these artifacts will be yours. Imagine what power you could wield!
Kain (V. O.): The room I had entered had but one purpose – the torture and execution of human beings for the sadistic pleasure of its engineer. Blood was splattered on every surface, coating the spikes that jutted from the walls and filming the stone floor.
The dread and agony of victims past still echoed through the lethal walls. A symphony of terror and agony filled the air. Then, from amidst the cacophony of screaming souls came the perverse laughter of the Vampire himself...
Kain (V. O.): Hidden amidst the many obscure artifacts in that museum, I discovered an ancient chronicle. This passage caught my eye:
"It was during these dark times infested with the plague of the undead, that the Circle brought the Sarafan to existence. Trained to be devoutly loyal to the Circle, and the perfect exterminators of the undead scourge, they were led to many victories by the righteous paladin, Malek, protector of the Pillar of Conflict. They cleansed the vampires with fire, and released their souls to more blessed realms. There is no wrath as terrible as that of the righteous."
I had read enough. At once disgusted and intrigued, I placed the book back down in that museum.
Kain (V. O.): The Pillar of Balance, once defended by Ariel. The Pillars choose their own.
Kain (V. O.): Avernus consumed itself before my eyes. There seemed no easy path to gain entry to the hell laid out before me. Perhaps there was a way inside from above the chaos that reigned there.
[The following three lines were mixed into a single audio file, and were played in that form in the PlayStation version. These independent recordings of each are instead played in the Microsoft Windows port:]
Brigand: (Angry, panicked, semi-confused threats from angry, panicked, semi-confused men.)
There he is! Kill him!
Brigand: I thought we killed you, bastard!
Brigand: Have at ye, cur! If we put you down once, we can do it again!

Miscellanea: Other dialogue

Kain: Vae victis!
Kain: (laughs)
Denis Dyack: Coffee Guy!

Miscellanea: Power-ups

[The following dialogue only occurs the first time Kain obtains a blood vial or rune triangle respectively:]
Blood Vial: This ancient vial bears with it a dark gift indeed – for with it, my life force is increased.
Rune Pyramid: These ancient symbols of power contain raw magical energy, which increases my own capacity to summon energy for the spawning of spells.

Miscellanea: Time and weather events

[The following dialogue occurs when Kain encounters the respective effect for the first time:]
Dusk: Night dawns. And with it, the vampire grows stronger.
Dawn: As daylight chases darkness, the vampire's power wanes.
Rain: When rainfall comes, vampires are wise to find shelter from its acidic touch.
Snow: Even the gentle snowfall can be lethal to a vampire's wellbeing.
Fire rain: From the heavens, the tears of angels danced around me in a frenzy of fire.

NPCs: Disguise/Beguile dialogue

The following dialogue is played when Kain interacts with human NPCs using his Disguise or Beguile forms. Each NPC speaks a single line, and there is overlap; though NPC designations are taken directly from the official NPC recording script at The Lost Worlds, but, in many cases, multiple NPCs from various subtypes and classes in various locations will all share the same dialogue.

As noted by Ardeth Silvereni, given the hugely prolific number of NPCs capable of issuing this dialogue, it's difficult to be 100% sure which lines do and do not appear in the game. However, those lines which appear in Tenaya's transcript at Nosgothic Realm are recorded here, and those which either appear in Ardeth Silvereni's unused dialogue transcript at Dark Chronicle or go unlisted in both sources are placed in the deleted dialogue transcript.

[These lines are attributed to blacksmiths:]
Blacksmith: Hail, stranger! What can I get you today?
Blacksmith: What'll it be? Sword? Shield? Hooving?
[These lines are attributed to gypsies:]
Gypsy: It's not safe around here anymore. Damned brigands and thieves in the wilderness!
Gypsy: Don't venture around here without a good blade at yer side! You'll thank me for it!
Gypsy: I heard there was a bandit camp to the north of here.
[These lines are attributed to "citizens", probably intended for characters in Stahlberg:]
Citizen: Beware stranger! There was another vampire attack last night!
Citizen: I know William the Just will do something about the vampires!
Citizen: The shadows fall, and vampires descend...
Citizen: When can we truly live in peace? When will the vampires be gone?
Citizen: Help us be rid of those vampires! A hunting party begins tonight!
Citizen: Something must be done quickly. Two more victims were found... drained dry!
Citizen: The hunt is over. Vampires will plague us no more!
Citizen: We've captured their champion. Ah, there'll be a feast tonight!
Citizen: Peace at last! Since the vampires slaughtered our great king William the Just, we have had no rest!
Citizen: Fifty years, we sought to fulfill our promise to our fallen king. And now, our covenant comes to pass.
[This line is attributed to "merchant":]
Merchant: Let us drink to the King's health! For William the Just!
[These lines are attributed to "citizens", probably intended for characters in Vasserbünde:]
Citizen: Accursed gypsies! Bringing their wicked magic! Nosgoth will never be the same!
Citizen: We've heard rumors of great unrest in the North.
Citizen: Aye, I've heard of a wise Oracle who lives in the Mountains to the north.
Citizen: Ah, the mythical oracle you seek?! He is said to dwell where the grass touches the snow; where the light touches the dark. Across yonder mountains.
Citizen: There's an evil in the air, I can feel it.
Citizen: Oh, woe is us! The dark is upon us!
Citizen: The mage is insane, I tell you! Insane! Listen, can't you hear him cackling to himself?
Citizen: Sometimes, if you listen carefully, you can hear screams echoing from within!
Citizen: I ain't ever been up there, nor would I ever.
Citizen: That lunatic on the hill, it's not right that we good people have to put up with his magic. Something has to be done!
[This line is attributed to gypsies:]
Gypsy: Some poor knight was murdered only last week. They found 'im on the roadside – all cut and stabbed and the like. If a knight can be taken, what about us common folk?
[These lines are attributed to "citizens", probably intended for characters in Uschtenheim:]
Citizen: Something's not right. The pilgrims go in, but I ain't never seen one come out!
Citizen: Nupraptor had servants. One day, one escaped the keep and stumbled into our village. Mad, he was! And his skin and hair, white as a sheet! Scared out of his wits!
Citizen: All sorts of weird things live in the swamps. Some say that sprites and faeries dwell there!
Citizen: There used to be a vampire living there, before the Sarafan hunted and killed him. They say he screamed four score days and nights before he died! He vowed vengeance, he did!
Citizen: In these 'ere parts, it's grown cold and cruel. The crops are blasted, the wind bites. Never seen a worse time in all my life.
Citizen: Looks like it's going to be a hard winter.
[These lines are attributed to "tavern/barkeeper":]
Barkeep: Hail, stranger! What can I get thee today?
Barkeep: A drink for yer troubles, sir?
[These lines are attributed to gypsies:]
Gypsy: I heard there is a bandit camp to the south of here.
Gypsy: I heard there was a bandit camp to the east of here.
Gypsy: I heard there was a bandit camp to the west of here.
[These lines are attributed to "citizens", probably intended for characters in Coorhagen:]
Citizen: Unclean! Begone! Save yourself! Unclean!
Citizen: Begone, good sir, lest you share our fate!
Citizen: 'Tis the plague, my lord, it eats at our bodies. There is no hope.
Citizen: I've heard that an army from the North is preparing to invade, is it true?
Citizen: The King's heart pines for his daughter – someone stole her soul, you know...
Citizen: We are doomed! An army approaches and that fool Ottmar does nothing but weep!
Citizen: What has become of the Lion of Willendorf?! Who will protect us from the Nemesis?
Citizen: William the Just rules this land, stranger.
Citizen: Ay, our King is kind and fair. What fortunate citizens are we.
Citizen: Taxes are down, spirits are up.
Citizen: Welcome, stranger. To the most prosperous land in all of Nosgoth.
Citizen: Goodday, to you...
[These lines are attributed to gypsies:]
Gypsy: The trading caravans from Avernus did not show up this week. Very strange.
Gypsy: Them money grubbing scabs always show on time. Not this week though...
Gypsy: Something is amiss. The wagons from Avernus just never turned up!
[These lines are attributed to wenches:]
Wench: Ouch! Hands off, ya ugly oaf!
Wench: The nights can get very cold around here, stranger, I can help you get through it.
Wench: Oooh, aren't you the handsome one?

Music: Nupraptor's Theme

[These lyrics are part of Nupraptor's Theme:]
Ariel: My beloved Nupraptor, you are lost beyond all hope. You cannot see for you have sewn shut your eyes. What will become of you... I see only damnation.

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