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Blood Omen 2 unseen character
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Introduced in • N/A (unseen character)
Race Human
Gender • Female
Birth era • The post-Blood Omen era
Status Wiki-Icon-BO2.png Active
Titles • None/unknown
Territories • The Lower City, Meridian
Affiliation • None/unknown
Native realm Material Realm
Mentioned in Wiki-Icon-BO2.png

Marjorie is an unseen, yet named minor Human character, mentioned in Blood Omen 2.

Marjorie was likely a human female Peasant, married to former shop-keeper Joseph. When Joseph lost his shop he took a post as a Sarafan Guard defending against "bandit attacks"[1]; an activity which would probably be fatal for him. Nevertheless the pay Marjorie would receive for his endeavor would allow her to "get passage to her sister's"[1] - most likely fleeing the Sarafan oppression in Meridian.

In Chapter 3:TheLower City, Kain passed two Peasant NPC's discussing Joseph's whereabouts and the sacrifice that he had made for Marjorie[2]. The peasants concluded that Joseph was "a brave man"[1].


The NPC's discussing Marjorie and Joseph are both peasants, perhaps suggesting that the couple are peasants as well[2].


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